Paper. Who Needs It?


You walk into the doctor’s office and the first thing the receptionist does is hand you a stack of forms to fill out. She then hands you a pen. You look at her. She looks at you and then her eyes drop to the stack. “You’ve got 10 minutes to get those done.”

You sigh and head to a chair in the corner. No one notices you; they have their own stacks of paper. You start to fill in the endless pages. Who’s my emergency contact? Does my ex-husband count? Do I have a family history of hypertension? Well, my partner does. How many times have I been pregnant? Wait, this is a dermatologist appointment. Why does that matter?

Slowly you turn the pages. The clock is ticking. You’re sweating. Just as the nurse at the door intones your name, you finish the forms. You hand the pages filled with scrawl to the receptionist and head back into the bowels of the doctor’s office. Safe at last.

This scene is repeated millions of times each day at thousands of doctors’ offices, urgent care centers and community health clinics across the country. That means there are millions of frustrated people filling out multi millions of forms, handing them to administrative people who enter the information into computers, and then shred, file or dispose of paper. Lots of lots of paper. Think about all of the time and paper that’s wasted. Think of the trees that gave their lives for your doctor’s appointment. So much for being green.

There has to be a better way. A digital solution that replaces paper forms with something fun, like an iPad, and seamlessly collects the information of millions of patients, directs it into medical information systems, eliminates tedious tasks and reduces mistakes, and at the end of the day, makes patients, doctors, nurses, and staff heave a huge sigh of relief.

Ipad_vert_angle_AWV-PreVisit_02_HRAThat solution is Seamless Medical. We’re here posing the question: who needs paper? With our Seamless Patient Platform, we’re out to change the world so you never have to complete another paper form at the doctor’s office. The receptionist will never have to decipher  bad handwriting to get it into an EMR again. And no tree will ever have to die in the name of patient registration ever again.

Cool, isn’t it? That’s why we started the company – and our blog. Want to come along as we change the world?




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