How to Beat the Waiting Game


A recent social media post reflected the pain—and impatience—of a friend of mine.

“I’ve been sitting in the waiting room of X Urgent Care* for over an hour. There’s only one doctor here and tons of people waiting. My sinuses are killing me.”

Her situation sounded awful and all too familiar. Friends weighed in on her post with encouragement and their own tales of woe. Sadly, the string of sympathy went on for hours with updates such as this one:

“It’s now been three hours and I’m still waiting, as is everyone else. It’s gotten so bad, the staff started handing out ibuprofen. Still only one doctor on duty.”

 Unfortunately, the waiting game is ingrained in the U.S. healthcare system. According to a recent CNBC story, 85 percent of patients report having to wait as long as 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time. And that wait is the cause of significant stress and dissatisfaction with medical practices and urgent care centers.

There is a way to beat the waiting game. Seamless Medical has just introduced a digital queue management feature to the Seamless Patient Platform™ that helps minimize wait times and keep patients moving through urgent care centers and medical practices.

PatientQueueViewSeamless Queue Management lets patients:

  • Find provider locations and check wait times before deciding where to go for care.
  • Preregister for an appointment using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Once at the urgent care or practice, track wait times via a tablet or monitor.
  • Receive a digital alert when it’s time to go back.
  • Avoid the stress of waiting.

OnlineSched_View_RGB_150ppiSeamless Queue Management lets providers:

  • See patient volumes at all locations in real time on a single dashboard.
  • Dispatch additional staff to locations with high volumes and wait times.
  • Identify peak times by location and develop performance metrics to support appropriate staffing.
  • Better manage the patient experience.
  • Relieve clinical and office staff of stress associated with disgruntled patients.

No one likes to wait, particularly those with sinus infections like my friend. Now, if your healthcare organization has the Seamless Patient Platform with on-line queue management, there’s no reason to wait. Just make sure you have your smart phone or tablet on you.

* Name changed to protect the innocent.


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